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Namumaru Ref by AxelHonoo Namumaru Ref by AxelHonoo
Namumaru is a young Asian Lung water dragon of Black and White. She was born in the feudal era of Kyoto, Japan. Namumaru has a great responsibility on her shoulders even though she is rather young.

Name: Namumaru (Namu)

Age: ???? [Beloved to be a 1,500 years old]

Sex: Female

Alias: Spirit of the Black and White

Appearance: Smooth sleek black scales on body, white underbelly scales, Black with white blaze flowing mane, White face, White tipped tail, and small one pointed horns (because she's still young)

Personality: Namumaru is a gentle and quiet spirit. She's shy and timid even with other Dragons. Because of odd coloring she is often shunned and avoided. She mostly keeps to herself and thinks lowly of herself. Thinking she is an outcast to other Dragons because of her difference. She does however have a boldness to her and will fight for her life if attacked. She's not afraid to bare her fangs at other Dragons if they rise a claw to her.

Backstory: Namumaru was born as a water Spirit of black and white. Even though she is shunned by mostly every Dragon she meets her duty is to watch over them and the check the progress of how that Dragon is keeping his or her domain safe and peaceful. Namumaru is a unique Dragon for her age she is still so young and yet has a great duty to uphold on her shoulders. She eventually falls in love with Tankoi, but she's to shy to admit it.

The "Namu" of Namumaru's name comes from my dear friend *namu-the-orca, she named her username after this beautiful bloke [link] (isn't he gorgeous :love:). The "Maru" is a suffix for masculine names. "Maru" also literally means "circle". I added the "Maru" part in hopes of people trying to piece things together to the puzzle for the Yin Yang symbol since Namumaru is Black and White.

Quotes: [None so far]

Koi Species Chart: [link]

Base :icondestinys-heart:
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